How to make your efforts to improve your business last.

I have seen so many companies make improvements only to go back to their old ways giving up the change efforts that they worked so hard to attain.  My #1 rule with “Continuous Improvement” is sustain every positive change effort, no matter how small it is!

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A post in Steve Roesler’s blog,

All Things Workplace: 5 Tips To Make Things Happen

Decisions get made. It’s time to start.

The goal is clear. There is a picture of what the result should look like.

Now we just have to “do it.”

Some don’t make it…

.. .individually or organizationally.

Given that there are entire industries built around “doing it”–continuous improvement, change management, life coaching– there must be some trick to that whole in between area. If you are involved in any kind of a change, here are 5 tips that you can take to the bank. (Ignoring them may put you in the collection agency).

1. Language matters.

“We’re going to make a transition from___to____” impacts the brain a lot better than “We’re going to change.”

(Honestly, I don’t want to change–do you? But I don’t have any problem making a transition).

2. Friendships matter.

Be willing to talk and be willing to listen. When things change at home or in your family, you have coffee and conversation with friends. Why? It’s cathartic. And you don’t feel alone. Changes at work are no different.

3. Grace matters.

Transitions and change imply, by definition, that people are trying something for the first time. When your little child tried out her first steps and fell after the third one, you didn’t offer a performance appraisal. You hugged her, made a big fuss, took a video, and called the grandparents.

Offer the same to adults who are trying something for the first time. Truth be told, they are feeling like kids at that moment.

Note: I’d avoid the hug and the video; it’s your call on whether to phone the grandparents.

4. Accountability matters.

This isn’t opposed to numbers 2 or 3. Accountability is an act of deep friendship. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. They also don’t let friends do things–or avoid doing things–that are hurting their careers.

5. Small wins matter.

Make an example of anyone or any result that approximates the longer term ideal. Do it often.

If you wait until everyone gets it perfect, there won’t be a celebration. There may not be a reason for it.

That’s why continuous improvement is called continuous improvement. 

Source: All Things Workplace: 5 Tips To Make Things Happen.

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