How to Find and Attract Employees

Do you want a low risk hire? Qualified Candidates? In addition to the great information in this post, when you find the candidate that you want to offer a job to; offer a 2 week working interview to make certain that the job is right for you, your employees and the potential hire.

This Post is a must read if you are looking for specialized employees.

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How to Attract Employees

Regardless of the current economic situation, good employees are important. Employees provide the life-blood of any flourishing company. Smart strategies are used by many business owners to not only attract, but retain, quality employees.

1. Cast a Broad Net

Advertise widely for the position that you have available. Post ads in as many media outlets as possible. Make use of local classifieds, job boards and industry publications. Think like a potential employee and advertise in all areas where you would look if you wanted to land a job in your particular field.

2. Use Government Services

Job Seekers frequently make use of their local Department of Workforce Services. In order to maintain unemployment, all beneficiaries must be actively searching for a job, making this resource widely used.

Be aware that this will generate a broad pool of potential employees, not all of which may be quality candidates for your position.

3. Network in Your Industry

Maintain an active network within your industry. Some of the best and most qualified employees are attracted by word-of-mouth and networking. Keep in touch with contacts that you have in other offices, departments and companies. Put the word out that you are looking for employees and ask for referrals.

4. Use a Temporary Agency

Temporary employment agencies are another outlet for attracting great employees. Candidates that are available through temporary agencies are highly motivated to work. Many employers fill permanent position with people they originally hired through a temporary employment agency. This resource provides the perfect way to not attract the employee, but find out how well they work within your organization.

5. Offer Benefits

If you are in a business where there is heavy competition for good employees, it is essential that you offer a good benefit package that includes at least insurance and retirement. To attract an even better pool of potential employees, add things like regular bonuses, company vehicles and other performance-based incentives.

6. Be Visible, Available and Trustworthy

While your advertising campaign and general business practices can make or break your business plan, it also plays a big part in your ability to attract employees. Your reputation will either attract qualified employees or act as a deterrent. Make sure that your local community is aware of your company and that your business reputation is well-maintained.

Your reputation will either attract qualified employees or act as a deterrent

by Rosa Lyn, Travel writer

How to Attract Employees – Guides.

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