Top Ten Ideas for Employee Engagement

My favorite area to work on with business owners is on building and implementing systems that “engage employees to achieve profits, customer satisfaction, employee retention and ownership success.”  In addition the points in the attached post, I have a process for “Continuous Improvement” and “Gain Sharing” that rewards employees for your financial success.  It is a Win/Win/Win Scenario.

Enjoy the post, John

Top Ten Ideas for Employee Engagement

Employee engagement metrics measure the percentage of employees dissatisfied and satisfied with their jobs. A business with low levels of employee engagement will experience low retention rates and decreased productivity. Since a study by the Saratoga Institute reported that the average business pays 150 to 200 percent of a worker’s salary to replace him, business owners will increase their profit margins if they increase levels of employee satisfaction.


Management best practices involve hiring the right employee for the right job so that employees remain content with their work and employer. Businesses should keep their job descriptions realistic and have an orientation program that thoroughly familiarizes employees with the workplace and their job roles and responsibilities.


A business should hire a professional consulting company to issue surveys to employees before making improvements to increase employee engagement. While a business owner can create surveys himself, a specialized consulting company experienced in increasing engagement can suggest areas of improvement to the business owner after analyzing survey results.


Businesses with employees who take care of dependents should provide them with flextime or a compressed workweek and generous leave benefits to increase engagement, according to the Families and Work Institute. Flextime allows employees to modify the hours they work and a compressed workweek allows them to accomplish weekly work in four days instead of five.


Employers should provide openness and transparency when dealing with workers, even when they have to disclose bad news such as reduced hours. Employees trust executives who live by example, so business owners should hold themselves to the same standard of conduct as they do their employees.


Employees expect fair compensation for their work and business owners should provide producing employees with bonuses. This compensation should also include pay increases and better positions for employees who consistently exceed expectations. Employers should offer compensation that involves employees in the future of the company, such as offering stock options and profit sharing.


Business owners should work competitions into their business models to engage employees. Splitting employees into groups and keeping score of their accomplishments breaks up the monotony of work, gives them focus and increases productivity. Social recognition of employee victories further develops engagement.


Employees appreciate recreational activities their employer offers, such as a company barbeque and volunteer activities in which management and business owners participate. These activities allow management to form a personal bond with employees, which increases the emotional satisfaction of their workers.

About Kelly Business Advisors, LLC

Early in his career John started-up and sold 7 years later a Moving and Storage Company in Milwaukee. He acquired and was President of Kelly Pickle Company f/k/a Bond Pickle Company, in Oconto, WI for 12 years. Built a monthly round-table networking group of manufactures in Oconto. Developed marketing plans, sales plans, products and implemented lean manufacturing practices with many North American companies. Worked with non-profits as both a front line leader and behind the scenes. He is active in his church, a member of the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce,Business Networkers International (BNI) and now is joining the Green Bay Downtown Rotary.

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