Top 40 Engagement Ideas of All Time

This is a great list, for those that have read other posts of mine, you know that I will like to add: 5 minute daily meetings, measure performance daily and have a gain-sharing program to get your employees 100% into the game.  Enjoy the Post, John

We recently asked you — the world’s finest HR and business professionals — the following question:

What’s your absolute #1
employee engagement idea or practice?

We received loads of truly awesome responses. After much scientific analysis and internal debate, here’s our official:

40.  ASK EMPLOYEES: What would engage you?
39.  CLEAR VISION from leadership & role employees play
38.  BE REAL: transparency, not corporate-speak
37.  INVOLVE EMPLOYEES in company goal-setting
36.  CASUAL DRESS CODE: suits are dead
35.  TALENT MANAGEMENT system to ensure training & development for all
33.  OPEN DOOR policy at all levels
32.  EMPOWER HR to do its job
31.  EMPLOYEE HEALTH thru EAPs & on-site fitness
30.  SHARE customer feedback with employees
29.  STAFF MEETINGS that don’t suck
28.  INTRANET to enhance two-way communication
27.  SUGGESTION PORTALS with follow-up
26.  MEANINGFUL PERFORMANCE EVALS that aren’t filled out in .03 seconds
25.  SMILE even when you don’t feel like it
24.  MENTORING PROGRAM for high-potentials
23.  EMPLOYEE FOCUS GROUPS with input into operations
22.  CROSS-TRAINING in other areas/positions
21.  EMBRACE SOCIAL MEDIA as a way to up engagement
20.  NEVER EAT ALONE: use lunches to build teamwork
19.  RETENTION METRICS & accountability for all managers
18.  DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS on topics suggested by employees
17.  CREATIVE CONTESTS to motivate the right behaviors
16.  SOCIAL ACTIVITIES planned by employees to build team
15.  SUCCESSION PLANS instead of external hires
14.  GET OUT OF YOUR DANG OFFICE and talk to employees
13.  STAY INTERVIEWS instead of exit interviews
12.  INCENTIVES that actually incent
11.  OVER-COMMUNICATE any major company changes
10.  KEEP IT SIMPLE: communicate with as few words as possible
9.    SEEK frequent employee input thru interviews + surveys
8.    INSTANT POSITIVE FEEDBACK for great work
7.    1-1 MEETINGS on expectations, performance & development
5.    LISTEN to your employees more than you talk
4.    FIRE BAD SUPERVISORS: they’re the engagement key
3.    IDENTIFY STRENGTHS of each employee and use ‘em
2.    SO WHAT? Show employees what’s in it for them

And the absolute #1 employee engagement practice of all time? It’s one that was mentioned more than any other:

1.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE:  treat each & every employee with dignity & respect

Do visit for more information at Top 40 Engagement Ideas of All Time | Employment Blawg by Mark Toth.

About Kelly Business Advisors, LLC

Early in his career John started-up and sold 7 years later a Moving and Storage Company in Milwaukee. He acquired and was President of Kelly Pickle Company f/k/a Bond Pickle Company, in Oconto, WI for 12 years. Built a monthly round-table networking group of manufactures in Oconto. Developed marketing plans, sales plans, products and implemented lean manufacturing practices with many North American companies. Worked with non-profits as both a front line leader and behind the scenes. He is active in his church, a member of the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce,Business Networkers International (BNI) and now is joining the Green Bay Downtown Rotary.

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