Thinking Managers| FOUR KEY ELEMENTS

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…The process that he recommends has four key elements, expressed in four very simple-sounding questions:

1. Who are the customers?
2. What are they like?
3. What do they need?
4. How do we persuade them?

The simplicity is deceptive, but only because most managers have not considered these basic issues in any kind of depth. The second question, for instance, is answered by ‘value mapping’. You divide the people or firms targeted into three groups: Visionaries (the entrepreneurs and innovators), Pragmatists (‘I’ll see whether it works for other firms’) and Conservatives (‘it will never work/sell’). There’s a parallel division between Philes (who love you and your products and/or services: Phobes (who hate you and all your works): and Promiscuous buyers, who jump into bed with any supplier who catches their fancy.

The consequences of this simple analysis are equally simple. You concentrate maximum effort on trying to convert the Promiscuous Pragmatists into Visionary Philes, who you look after with the tenderest loving care, and you don’t waste time on the Conservative Phobes. It’s an overall anti-DDP strategy of which Pareto would have approved.

But what about yourself and your own, personal strategy? The first step towards the Purposeful target, after deciding on your purpose, is to adopt effective habits that will counter the time-wasting, dilly-dallying and remoteness that do neither you nor the organisation any good. The basic time management techniques offer an excellent solution. Start by keeping a time-log and finding out exactly how little of your days and weeks are spent on purposeful activities.

With this knowledge, you can plan your activities so that the balance shifts decisively towards the purposes to which you are now committed. Again, there are four simple questions, adapted from a well-known Peter Drucker catechism:

1. What is my purpose?
2. What am I doing to achieve that purpose that can only be done by me?
3. What am I doing that can be done by others?
4. What am I doing that need not be done at all?

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Early in his career John started-up and sold 7 years later a Moving and Storage Company in Milwaukee. He acquired and was President of Kelly Pickle Company f/k/a Bond Pickle Company, in Oconto, WI for 12 years. Built a monthly round-table networking group of manufactures in Oconto. Developed marketing plans, sales plans, products and implemented lean manufacturing practices with many North American companies. Worked with non-profits as both a front line leader and behind the scenes. He is active in his church, a member of the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce,Business Networkers International (BNI) and now is joining the Green Bay Downtown Rotary.

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