Employee Engagement Group Workshop Engaging Employees to Drive Results

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Our signature Leadership Workshop is a 1.5 day interactive workshop that has been delivered to groups and teams throughout the US, Asia, Australia, Canada, South America, Middle East, and Europe, to public companies and government agencies.  Based on the book Louder than Words, this workshop includes key topics Kelleher’s 10 practical employee engagement steps that drive results:

  • Step 1 – The Link to High Performance
  • Step 2 – It Starts at the Top
  • Step 3 – Engage First-line Leaders
  • Step 4 – Communication: the Cornerstone of an Engaged Culture
  • Step 5 – Individualize Your Engagement
  • Step 6 – Create a Motivational Culture
  • Step 7 – Create Feedback Mechanisms
  • Step 8 – Reinforcement, Rewards, and Consequences for Behavior
  • Step 9 – Track and Communicate Progress
  • Step 10 – Hire and promote Engaged Employees

The workshop closes with a multimedia leadership development program based on Ernest Shackleton’s 1914-1916 Antarctic exploration.


This workshop is designed for:

  • Leaders (including C-Suite)
  • Managers
  • Supervisors


During this highly interactive workshop, you will:

  • Learn from one of the nation’s leading engagement experts
  • Apply 10 Employee Engagement Steps that will transform your culture
  • Bring the latest practical employee engagement processes to your organization
  • Discuss the latest research to make the business case to invest in engaging employees
  • Understand your leadership baseline and how to become an engaged leader
  • Develop your own individual action plan to take the steps toward an engaged culture
  • Have fun!

Plus, you will receive over 30 practical engagement tools that you can use immediately to increase engagement in your organization.

More at Employee Engagement Group Workshop Engaging Employees to Drive Results | Employee Engagement.

About Kelly Business Advisors, LLC

Early in his career John started-up and sold 7 years later a Moving and Storage Company in Milwaukee. He acquired and was President of Kelly Pickle Company f/k/a Bond Pickle Company, in Oconto, WI for 12 years. Built a monthly round-table networking group of manufactures in Oconto. Developed marketing plans, sales plans, products and implemented lean manufacturing practices with many North American companies. Worked with non-profits as both a front line leader and behind the scenes. He is active in his church, a member of the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce,Business Networkers International (BNI) and now is joining the Green Bay Downtown Rotary.

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