4 Tips On Managing Your Time As Blogger

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Enjoy this article on maintaining your blogs.

The internet – it can be a moneymaking cash cow or a massive playground that sucks out your productivity!

Being an online biz owner or blogger comes with its own set of challenges, and time management is one of the hurdles that newbies and veterans in the field are struggling with.

You can get up from bed – with the intention of finishing the most important tasks you’ve set for yourself that day. However, if you don’t keep your mind and your time usage on track, it’s easy to drift away from what matters and end the day without any progress.

Facebook, Pinterest, checking your email – all of these can be very addicting and time-wasting. We’ve all been there and done that.

So how do you make sure you manage your time well…and be productive?

Here are 4 simple time management tips that every internet marketer should keep in mind:

Step 1: Prioritize Your Tasks

This sounds very simple, doesn’t it? But think about it – which tasks get done after your working hours – the important or not-so-important ones? Usually, it’s the latter. These tasks, which are not as beneficial for your biz, end up eating your time, stalling your progress, and eventually, diminish your online business’ money-making potential.

Prioritize your tasks! Not all of them are created equal. Know your goals and, more importantly, know which steps are necessary to get you there. Determine which tasks are the most important, and this is where most bloggers get lost.

Is the personal email you’re sending time-sensitive? If it’s not, don’t do it while you are working!

Step 2: Get Started Early

There are 24 hours in a day. It doesn’t matter what time you get up and get started, right?


When you get up late, you will shorten your available daily workload. Research have shown that students who get up at 6:30 in the morning, or even earlier, can help you get more quality work done in less time.

For night owls, this may be hard to understand. BUT research and numbers don’t lie. The most successful internet marketers and online businessmen take advantage of many firsts and opportunities because they start earlier than anyone else and manage their time better.

Step 3: Trim Down Your To-Do List

Lists are great. We need them. They tell us which needs to get done. However, having a list that is too long can easily backfire. The longer list you have, the more overwhelming it seems. And when you feel overwhelmed, it’s easy to get tired and procrastinate.

When you follow the first step – prioritizing your tasks – you will know which things in your list are achievable within the time-frame you’ve set for yourself, and which tasks cannot be done. You can even revise your to-do list with a to-don’t list…a list of tasks that you should steer clear from.

The latter can be filled with ideas that you can always come back tomorrow, 3 months, or even 6 months later. Focus on what needs to be done NOW!

Step 4: Constantly Review Your Work

Your blogging efforts need to show results. That’s why you are in the biz! Results could mean more indexed backlinks, greater targeted traffic, an increase in revenue, and those are just to name a few.

If searching and creating .EDU backlinks for about 10 hours a week is not bringing any positive result, you will know once you review your work.

If spinning an article and sending it to 100 different directories is NOT working, you will know after reviewing your work.

By reviewing your strategy and schedule weekly or monthly (depending on your goals and priorities), you will know which part of your strategy is working and which needs fixing.

What Tip Would You Add To the List?

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