Coach Kelly

Kelly helps you buy a business, sell a business, create strategic partnerships, build value in your business and assist in finding the financing needed for your business. Additionally, Kelly helps you build value into your business allowing you to enjoy your business whether you want to keep your business or sell it.

Mergers and Acquisitions Working with individuals, business owners and investors to buy and sell their businesses.

Financing  Helping business owners find the capital needed for their business, whether buying a business, or refinancing your existing business.  Also, Kelly can help prepare you and your business to obtain financing.

Building Value   Creating Strategic plans with business owners that are want to exit their business or want to create a business that they want to keep.  This process starts with a simple, complimentary meeting to discuss your business financial position, team, market, products, services, strategy, and what your goals are for your business.

Business Advisory Boards Solves the problem of how to get the expertise, experience, resources and specialized knowledge you need.  Nobody know’s it all.  Kelly will  help build a group of advisors that will help guide you with the challenges in your business.

Consulting  Focused to quickly plan, implement and sustain your change efforts.