Kelly’s Seller’s Representation

The first step toward selling your business successfully is a complimentary meeting with Kelly Business Advisors. By incorporating a unique combination of education, evaluation, and assessment, Kelly helps you determine if you are truly ready to sell your business and outlines the next steps in the process. Click here for a copy of Kelly’s process.

Kelly Business Advisors’ process and advisory services begin here.

  • Preparing to go to market
    • Maintaining confidentiality of your sale.
    • Performing an initial Estimate of Value (EOV) of your business.
      • Determining how ready you and your business are for sale.
      • Helping you understand the marketability of your business.
      • Providing recommendations to increase the value of your business.
    • Customizing a marketing plan based on industry best practices.
      • Efficient process for preparing marketing materials.
    • Referrals and collaboration with appropriate attorneys, accountants, financial planners, and subject matter experts.
  • Going to market
    • Maintaining confidentiality of your sale.
    • Preparing you for every step of the selling process.
    • Helping buyers accept the negative challenges of your business.
    • Managing expectations of both the buyer and seller.
    • Negotiating Indications of Interest (IOI’s) and Letters of Intent (LOI’s).
    • Assisting buyers with financing if needed.
    • Managing due diligence.
    • Focusing on increasing value and closing the transaction
  • Transition
    • Determining what stays confidential.
    • Creating a plan to inform employees, customers and vendors of the sale.
    • Preparing you for the transition