Kelly’s Buyer’s Representation

Buying a Business… Kelly’s Buyer Representation

  • Understanding your goals, means, and the buying process.
  • Finding “hidden” businesses for sale.
  • Negotiating all aspects of your purchase.
  • Drafting Indications of Interest (IOI’s), and Letters of Intent (LOI’s).
  • Managing effective due diligence.
  • Committing to bringing your acquisition efforts to a successful ending.

Whether you’re looking to buy a business of your own or grow your business through acquisition, Kelly Business Advisors can help. A specialist in mergers and acquisitions, Kelly helps you make better decisions for you and your future. Kelly’s Buyer’s Representation is a specialized retained search program that provides guidance through every aspect of the buying process, uncovering businesses that are or are not currently being offered for sale. Kelly estimates that 85% of businesses that are sold never make it to the market.  

Evaluating several qualified businesses in your buying process teaches you how to buy a business through guided experience. This multiple opportunity approach helps you to make the most informed decisions about buying your business.  Click here to download the buying process.