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Business Broker George Metos

George has been brokering businesses since 2010, with an emphasis on industrial companies and specialties in automotive towing and auto parts recycling companies. Generally, George enjoys learning about any type of company. He loves business.

He believes that an honest assessment of value is the first step in the M&A process. By determining an honest value, owners can decide whether a sale fits their life goals and objectives. Then the hard work begins in finding the right buyer, at a good value and structure.

After earning degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, George spent 20 years in software development. He built an environment in which 140 technical and creative developers could thrive building software products. The software company eventually merged with a public company, giving George his first exposure to business brokering.  

George understands the complexities of valuing and selling a business. With integrity and professionalism, he brings parties together to reach a satisfying outcome.